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Thursday, August 9, 2007

A thought to share......for women......

Just taking a moment out of the ongoing insanity to ponder........

We were watching something on T.V. yesterday (I can't remember what it was, so just go with me here) and someone said, "Friendship Matters" and I don't know what the show was or who said it or even it's doesn't matter.......the profoundness is in the statement.........Friendship Matters.

As I've been hustling around here for the last several weeks I've taken into account this statement, really without thought, but when it was stated the truth of this statement was profound.

Friendships do matter, especially to women. We are emotional beings. Sure some of us cry, whail really, others seem firm/stern, yet others are somewhere in doesn't really matter, it's the beauty of what makes us unique. Our uniqueness, whether easy to get along with or a bit of a struggle, is what defines us as women and I for one am thankful for the women who have visited the doorstep of my life.

I can proudly declare that I've intentionally stayed in contact with most of the women who have entered my life, whether through my high school, college or young adult years. I've been blessed by the ones who have answered the phone when I've called or who've called or returned my call. It's hard staying in touch, atleast for me, now as a wife and a mother, but I try and I appreciate the grace these lovely women have given me in the process.

I was just touched again by the beauty of thoughtfulness when I was given a book by a friend, very unexpectedly. Her thoughtfulness defines who she is and she is a gem of a person, but more importantly a deeply committed, loving person, whom anyone would be blessed to have her in their life. Thank you my precious friend........

Again I was touched by another sweet friend whom took time out of her extremely busy life to return a phone call I had made and answer questions I had about our move, our future, my husband's college. Her joy and delight are what defines her and again she is a blessing in my life....

Women are beautiful creatures whom the Father has created to show the world His love, His care, His nurture......
I love this passage from a book I received from one of the above mentioned friends. It's taken from the book, "Queen of the Castle" by Lynn Bowen Walker.

Women can give up their jobs as clerks, engineers, salespeople, doctors--other people will step in and the world will go on as smoothly as before....The groceries will still be sold, trucks loaded with merchandise will still roll across our highways, and Wall Stree will carry on. Not so much with Homemaking. We are the special people into whose hands the homes of the country and the world have been entrusted. When we leave this job the world does not go on as before. It falters and begins to lose its way. We homemakers are indepensable. Homemaking is much more than a job--it is a profession: a profession which is venerable,honorable, and of the highest benefit to mankind. We must not forget this," ~Mary LaGrand Bouma
It's with this same spirit of thought that Friendship Matters.....we nurturing, honorable women are irreplaceable in our families lives and our friend's lives.......remember your beautiful position in this world and embrace it........
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Friendship does matter... It is a pretty significant lesson to learn. So often women focus on the friendships with the beautiful or successful people. It's sad really, the end result is shallow friendships.

It's amazing how much we women need, if not just the reassurance of, these friendships. Having a good woman friend can make even the darkest of times, brighter...

Good post my dear friend. Nothing like getting a mother's day gift in August. :)

August 9, 2007 at 7:12 AM  

Very usual ;)

I LOVED my Mother's Day gift in August, it was perfect timing in so many ways actually....

you are a treasured friend!!

August 9, 2007 at 11:45 AM  

Oh, Great Post. I have no sisters, but I have friends, which are even better.

August 10, 2007 at 10:39 AM  

yup friendships do matter..

although when u get a group of us all together..trouble brews..hehe..

*good kinda trouble*..

I dont know what I would do without the few friends I do have..

August 10, 2007 at 1:46 PM  

As Rita Rudner says about men living alone..."Men live like bears with furniture."

Yes we do. I've always said that good families are the result of Men 'marrying up.' And I'll guarantee that most all of us have. Your husband included.
Now, get to packin.

August 11, 2007 at 8:16 PM  

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