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Friday, February 22, 2008

What to do...oh....What to do....

So I've been following most of the political debates on CNN. I just watched the debate in Texas between Hillary and Obama and I must say. I do not like Hillary Clinton. Something about her is very plastic. Maybe it's her lack of geninusness, I don't know, but it's something.......

I've also decided I don't like McCain. Now keep in mind, I'm typically a republican voter. Yep, I voted for Bush. Looking back would I have done it again, having known then what I know now? Probably because at the time, I didn't care for or feel compelled by another republican canidate, sorry Kerry, you just didn't do it for me.

So now there is Barak Obama. A man, for the most part, I agree with. He and I part ways at his opinions on gay rights and those of an unborn child. BUT, I like him better than McCain. So what am I to do? At what point, does compromise become inevidetable and convictions such as marriage and abortion are bendable? are they as a Christ follower? Honestly, I don't know. My heart say no. My husband says no. His take is that atleast McCain would stand for some principles we feel strongly about. BUT, my question is, "would he?" I mean....really, would he? When the rubber meets the road, will he stand up in outrage against partial birth abortion? Bush didn't, so why would McCain be any different?

In this day, as a woman who has survived and overcome serious health conditions like a benign brain tumor and epilepsy, HEALTH CARE is extremely important to me. It becomes more important every day as I've lost my job and can't pay the $800 a month to maintain my old policy. Is Health Care a big enough reason to vote for a different party? Honestly, I don't know.

I tell you. My top republican choice is Mike Huckabee, but let's face it, he's almost out of the race. My second rep. choice, Romney and he's out. McCain, not even a real option. For dems. Edwards would make me vote for McCain (and that's not saying much about him) I will not vote for Hillary, but I don't think she'll win the party nomination. So this leaves me in quite the pickle. If it comes down to McCain and Obama. It's Obama all the way for me.......I think......ugh, this political race is a tough one for me.

How about you? What are your opinions and why?


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I think, personally, that we are in an era (and have likely been in one since the 70's/80's) where there is no one person for the job. I doubt there is a politician on the board who is A) honest about where they stand, B) not in the race for personal gain, C) willing to advocate for anything unless there is a big reward on the table for them or, at the very least, the people who support their pocket book.
Obama was just in Boise a couple of weeks ago. I did not go see him, (though I could have. it was free) but I did watch him on TV. For me, I like NONE of the people who have come forward, but I can honestly say that I have like Obama the least. It isn't that he doesn't say good things, because he has. It's him I have a problem with. The platforms he used to manipulate his way into success... there are a lot of things actually. Am I a Clinton fan? No. Neither one of them are people I care much about BUT I like her more than anyone else. I think all politicians are plastic, i just think Obama is a better actor. Hilary Clinton stood by her husband after he cheated on her, and is still honest about all of that and how she felt. this not only makes her real but loyal. She is a good mother who, in a high stress environment, managed to produce a non-screwed up child who has a very close relationship with her parents. These things speak higher, in my book, than Obama's overnight oprah success. If he becomes president, I think it will be a very dark, and even more destructive time for our nation. I don't want to sound all apocalyptic, but...

February 23, 2008 at 7:12 AM  

Huh, interesting insight. What do you feel the platforms are that he manipulated his way into power? I am a huge Oprah fan, so I have no real problem with her support of Obama (not the reason I like him of course) There are a lot of "celebrites" that endorse a canidate, which for some is the reason they vote and I can see your point. It's not the reason for me however. I like your insight into Clinton's ability to "stand by her man" and raise a strong daughter. Personally, I see her "standing by her man" as a serious political move. Had she divorced him it would have seriously encrouched on her ability to gain favor to run for president, so I'm not sure she did it out of loyalty, rather personal gain. Look at Guilani, his divorce was scandulous (not what cost him the ran, but didn't help) I'm just saying. You are right, there isn't one person who is full of integrity, honest and forthcoming. God knows, that just isn't politics.

February 23, 2008 at 8:48 AM  

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