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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A MUST READ for every parent

Many of you know that my background is in social work. More importantly.....child safety

So it should not come as a complete shock that the book I'm about to HIGHLY recommend pertains to ....CHILD SAFETY

As a parent, I worry, just like the next mom. About things like injuries, my children's self esteem and confidence. As a social worker, I worry about keeping my kids safe from this dangerous place that we call home here on planet earth.

Crimes against children are real.....they the real world.....let's not deny this fact.

BUT, we can definately guide our children through this life, giving them every tool and teaching them to hone their intuition, so that they have a higher success rate.

A fellow co-worker recommended a book called, "Protecting The Gift" by Gavin De Becker. He lays it out on the line, no holds barr. This is an absolute MUST read, for every parent.

It's practical and insightful. One idea from the book about keeping our children many of you have told your child if they get lost or seperated from you, to head to the nearest police officer??

I know that I have told my kids this......have you?


have you ever asked yourself if your child can tell the difference between a police officer or a security guard? They look similar, right? Their uniforms......
Think about this fact.....the Son of Sam killer, the Hillside Strangler and many more serial killers and rapists dressed as security guards and lured in their victims.

Instead, how about recommending a lost child seek out the help of a woman? Maybe even a woman with small children with her. Why?
Because women get involved and stay involved until that child is safe. I'm not saying men are bad, but less trustworthy when it comes to statistics on sexual predators......just some food for thought.

So RUN.....don't your nearest library, bookstore or internet bookstore and get this book.....let's dialouge about it

Now I must go....but I must leave you with this final morsal of motherhood tidbits.

The Scene: I am sitting with my children waiting for my husband to return from inside the store. I've worked 8 hours, listening to henious crimes against children....I'm exhausted because I slept with my 5 yr. old's arm across my face, as she was sure it was the only defense against her scary sleep with her mommy :0)

Anyway, my nerves are shot. My hubby is taking forever and my children are screaming at the top of their lungs. I tell them that they will be headed to bed as soon as we get home this evening. To which, my daughter assures me it's her brother's fault. When I tell her I heard her screaming. She replies with, "but mom, I had brother made me do it"

Classic I's starting.....

So in my less than "on" mommy brain, I say, "well AJD, if CDD jumped off of a bridge would you, just because he did?"

Thinking, surely she'll say NO

Instead I get (after the gasp of course)" of course silly, I would save him!!!"

UGH.....when did my five yr. old begin to out thinik me????


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I also can't stand to hear about the abusive lives some children live. It's hard to teach kids about dangerous situations because they don't understand yet.

I remember last year at my 3yr old check up the doctor asked her, "If your playing in the park and someone offers you some candy would you take it?" My daughter proudly replied, "Yep!" My six yr old yelled at her, " No you don't, they might steal you!"

I get angry with my kids, but then they smile at me and it all changes.

April 17, 2008 at 6:51 AM  

the woman thing makes 100% sense...

What a sweet girl you have! super smart!

April 17, 2008 at 8:25 AM  

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