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Friday, February 29, 2008


Ah yes, the magical word.......homeownership

Honestly, it's a scary word for me personally. Especially after our failed attempt in Michigan. It was heartwrenching, nauseating and emotionally-charged, yet I find myself secretly excited about the possibility.

I blame it on my husband.

He's the one who is jumping at the opportunity to go look at houses today......
oh yes, you heard me.....TODAY!!!!!!!

Ok, so here's a little perspective for you.

I am unemployed, he's a full-time college student.

Sidenote: Sure I'm looking for a job/career. I've sent out over 75 resumes. People are extremely slow here in the Midwest. Unlike Florida, where you send out 15 resumes and you have 15 interviews within the week, mostly ending with job offers.

Oh contrarier, not so in Missouri (aka: Mizzer-ah add twang as desired) send out a resume.......then you wait......and wait......and wait some more

Potientially a year goes by and then you might actually start the job that you applied for in 2007 in joke people.

So back to homeownership.

I will indulge my hubby's dream of looking, wanting and desiring a place of our own. I can even understand his logic. We will be living here for atleast 4 more years, so why not.....right?

Logically, not the best time in our life.
Personally, it freaks me out-especially in light of the impending recession that Bush assures us isn't happening (get a grip dude, it's here!!!)
Emotionally, I know looking at these houses that are cheap (did I mention the cost of living here is riduculously inexpensive......$50,000 and you have an amazing joke!!!!) will only cause me to want to be a homeowner.

Ah, but then reality sets in and I realize that it's all a dream and the truth of the matter is, WHO, in their right mind would give a college student and his unemployed wife a mortgage?

do you know anyone because we need a mortgage, drop a note and I'll give you my email.......just kidding.....geesh seriously, I will send you an email.......come on already, it's a joke people!!

Then I say to myself, "sure honey, we'll look, we just can't buy"

and the world is as it should be.........

me happily renting
hubby happily daydreaming

ahhhhh, the joys of the idea of much excitement and stress......


posted by True_Floridian Momma at 7:50 AM


Yeah, there is a reccesion by golly..

I think I heard there are over 50 million homes in forclosure right sad..

Good luck with the house hunting..

50,00 for a house, u cant even get a deal like that back in the homeland..ha

Here in my city, they wont even let u look at homes unless u have been pre-approved by the bank, the reltors dont want to waste thier time..

Like they have anything better to do;)

I would love to buy a different house...But I doubt this one would even sell..Houses arent selling..

So, I guess I better enjoy our time here in the house we have..

I loved it when we bought it and moved in, but now...


February 29, 2008 at 1:00 PM  

Hey Flip Flop,
yes, recession for stinks!!

It is a buyers market, if you have the good ole $$, although our dollar is losing it's value according to CNN. Anyway, I digress

Thanks for popping in :)

February 29, 2008 at 3:18 PM  

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