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Monday, October 22, 2007


Well the weekend started out on a less than a refreshing note.

I came home from work, threw my PJs on and readied myself to watch a movie. I had been waiting patiently all week to snuggle into a quilt with my PJs on, sitting next to my honey while we watched a movie. Since starting this full-time job it seems like life is flying by. So I was anxiously waiting for the kids to go to bed so that we could watch a movie, any movie.....

Dinner is over and while Jeff cleans up and gets the kids ready for bed (YES, my guy is just that amazing!!) I head upstairs to tinker around on the computer until our glorious movie, popcorn, quilt and snuggles.


"Oh NO!!!!!!!!!" usually this late at night it's our neighbors. (A single mom of three boys, ages 6, 4,3) Since I was upstairs all I could hear was hubs saying, "sure, no problem" and the next thing I know, my house is buzzing with loud explosive screaming, running, crashing.....

I come downstairs to a stressed out husband who's informed me that our neighbor had furniture arrive unexpectedly and we were recruited to watch the boys for an hour. (ok, don't panic I think to myself, it's only an hour, we can do this, right? *insert screaming, jumping on furniture here)

I throw on a movie (not the movie I wanted, but one that would hopefully entertain them until their mom came to fetch them)

no such luck.

Within, 2 seconds the screaming, jumping over furniture continued. My kids didn't know what to do with themselves.

I noticed for a second the middle boy kept scratching his head, but I didn't think anything of it and continued to wrangle the kids from killing each other. I was alone by this point because Hubs was recruited to help move the furniture in.
Me and 5 children under the age of 7......NOT my idea of a relaxing, movie-filled Friday night, but I took it in stride.....

They left two hours later.........Hubs was oh-so-very-over the idea of a movie, so he went upstairs to play his guitar. I was left with a living room to put back together, sweat, and a movie (Georgia

Fast forward to Saturday night. I am putting my daughter to bed. We start our bedtime routine and she starts complaining that her head itches. My heart literally hit my stomach, "OH GOD NO!!!!" please let it be dirt from the park from a couple of hours earlier that she was playing at.
I turn on the light and sure enough, she has head lice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to faint dead away. I can handle puke, dirrehea, fevers in the middle of the night, but put me and any form of a bug in the same room and I want to curl up in a ball and find the nearest corner.....NOT A BUG FAN!!!!!!! These weren't any bug, they were invading my precious baby girl's HEAD. How could this be?
We bath her EVERY FRIGGIN NIGHT, including washing her hair......HOW??
Then I remember the scratchy neighbor kid and I get angry....really really angry, not at him persay, but at the fact that obvisiously this is where she got it. But then I'm informed (later by my daughter) that during their rest time at school, they share pillows!!!!!!!!
SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!
community pillows, you've got to be kidding me.....(you can only imagine my anti-public school husband reaction to this phenomenon)

So it's a mystery as to where she got this nasty,icky bug, but she did.

SIDENOTE: I can't even begin to describe some of the filthiest homes I had to go into in Florida for Child Protective Investigations. My supervisor always told me to wear gel in my hair and spray it with aquanet because in her 15 yrs. of experience this was the best defense against head lice (who knew, it works!)

I didn't dream that I would have to use this combination on my daughter before sending her out the door for Kindergarten each morning, but you better believe after the 25 loads of laundry, removing every piece of furniture from our home and quaritining everything else to sealed bags, not to mention several shampo/lice treatments followed by hours combing, vinegar treatments. One does NOT want this nasty thing to return.

here's looking forward to next weekend and no more lice!!!


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I do not envy your weekend. I never had it, (though at the group home I grew up in, I witnessed the effects of it...)
I hope we never cross that bridge with Genny. Not because she is in public school but because I know it's pretty common. (She is reading about lice in her american girl book, as we speak)

But it probably came from the pillow thing. I can't believe that they allow that!

October 23, 2007 at 7:42 AM  

Eww yuckie! I had that junk every time it went around our lovely elementary school. I don't envy you in the least ;) It makes me itchy just to think about it!

October 23, 2007 at 2:02 PM  

well the cleanest of the clean can get it, that is what sucks, my daughters best friend had it a couple months ago, thankfully we never got it..

She brings home a note at least once a week that lice was found in her class room..

Just one of them things we have to deal with I Guess..

But I did know hairspray in your hair kinda defers them from flocking to three cheers for Aqua net;)

October 24, 2007 at 7:48 AM  

ack! Ick! I know it happens. My teacher husband is constantly vigalant.

October 24, 2007 at 10:48 AM  

I had a daycare child that ended up with it about seven years ago. When reading up on it I had also learned that the nits prefer clean heads. So yes, the cleanest of clean can get it. I can't believe that her school allows them to share pillows the other parents know that too?

Just a little tip, many adults forget to treat their vehicle interior also. If your little ones have been in there lately you should treat that along with their individual carseats. I'm sure you have already thought of that but thought I'd pass it along just in case.

Hang in there!

October 25, 2007 at 7:20 PM  

Oh my word!!! I cannot even imagine if lice came into my house....I'd seriously think about moving!!! They have been so vigilant at the kid's school, the nurse checks different classrooms every day. I am so sorry. I had lice three times in third was a nightmare!

October 26, 2007 at 8:02 AM  

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