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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Randomness at its finest :)

Basically I wanted to jot down some thoughts since I'm sick of looking at the lice post....LOL

We've successfully eliminated those dreadful creatures.....ugh!!!! I HATE bugs, even now more than ever ;)


So what's the deal with parent pickup people at school? I went to pick my daughter up from school yesterday and typically how it works is you wait to see your child's teacher's name on the wall (this indicates they are coming out next) and then you pull into the circle (hell would be a better description) and you wait to pick up your kid. IF by chance you miss your child the first time they rotate you back through the circle. No problem, right? WRONG. I had to rotate through the circle on Friday 3 TIMES, which, I'm fine with, except that you would think it would be easier to commit double homicide before ATTEMPTING to re-enter the circle. OMG, seriously, I sat for about 15 minutes just to be let into the circle......ugh, what's up with that? it's not like the line is moving anywhere near 1 mph, it moves at a snail's pace, so hello people, be courteous and let other parents into the circle.....So that's my rant about that issue.....moving on...............

What is good ettique in this situation?
My unit (at work) just hired their final "new" person. (I actually have some seniority after working there 2 weeks) and I can't quite figure her out. She refuses to eat with any of us. (we don't cliche together we just try to include everyone) and she refuses to tell us her age, which I think is weird, but whatever. I can't figure out if she just a. thinks she is better than everyone or b. is just really shy. So what is the etiquette here: would you eat with your new co-workers if you were new to the position?

Personally, I've always tried to overcome my "shyness" and get to know people through small talk, so I don't understand people who refuse to......just need some input......thanks ;)
So I was talking to one of my best friends who is divorced and she's thinking of re-entering the dating scene (God bless her) and it made me realize (after hanging up the phone) that after 7 years of marriage I think that Hubs and I have FINALLY hit our stride and I'm thankful that at 32 I don't have to re-enter the dating scene!!
moving on........
It seems that half of you were OK with sharing your views on sex when I posted my blog about Christians and sex.....thank you, it was enlightening. I agree with one reader, that some things aren't for public forums, I totally agree. Since I have NO TACT, forgive me if this is one of them and I am just clueless. Feel free to leave a :0 face in horror at my asking ;)

Sex question #2: toys? yes or no

alrighty then......moving on.....

I've decided, as of the first of November (when I'm cleared from surgery to start exercising again) to once again get up BEFORE work and work out......this will be quite a challenge since I haven't worked out since Florida.......just thought you should know ;)

OH MY, I had to scrape my windshield TWICE last week before work. I can honestly say, while I love Missouri, I HATE HATE HATE cold weather and am looking forward to moving to a warmer climate once Hubs has finished school.....amen and hallelujah...teehee

Have a great weekend!!


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Having now dealt with three different pick up procedures, I think they are all hell...

She needs to get over herself but I think that some people just warm up at different rates. There is a possibility she has had a really horrible experience with another employment position. you never know people's back grounds and where they come from. My advice is kindness... allow her to adjust at her own rate and always be kind to her.


seriously... I am so glad I don't have to date.


Funny! I just had this conversation with a friend recently... I think it's up to the couple and what they decide they are comfortable with. As long as the focus is still THEIR intimacy, and both parties are mentally "there" with each other, and both in support of the idea than why not? In a world where sex is EVERYWHERE, and handled so casually, knowing that you have the best sex life with your husband/wife is a wealthy place to stand. And whatever "the best" is, will be different for others.


good for you!!!!


you are moving to Idaho??? I had no idea! YAY!!! :)


October 27, 2007 at 10:43 AM  

Myst~ no, not Idaho, but I do plan to visit someday ;)
Pick up lines ARE hell, I'm thankful I only have to do it one day a week....whew...
Good advice on the new girl, yes kindness is always key. I agree with your answer to the sex question....thanks for answering :)

October 27, 2007 at 11:14 AM  

I love this weather. I guess I'm enamored with fall. Nothing better than 30 degrees in the morning and 55 in the afternoon. But I'll agree that when the snow starts swirling in Jan. and Feb. I'll be thinking of moving south. Maybe Missouri.
Let the new employee know they are always welcome to join the crowd and then forget about it.
I guess I'll not join in the toy discussion so will leave you a ;) .

October 28, 2007 at 5:18 AM  

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