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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

***ahhhhh**** GET A ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you go thinking this is a PG-13 rated post....I can assure you it is not.

What I am about to tell you involves SLEEP......or lack thereof :)

You see, I've started a new job. One that I love and am so very grateful for.

One that requires me to completely revamp my biological clock, nonetheless.

You see, I work until (anywhere from) midnight until 2am, which means after I make the 30-40 minute drive home and unwind, I fall into bed between (anywhere from) 1-2:30am....for most people these nightly hours maybe considered "no problem" "what's the big deal" to me, pushing 11pm (prior to this new position) was as I'm adjusting, one would think that my dearly beloved husband would take all of this information and be ***um*****how shall I say this, sensitive, right?

(preface: for the most part, he has been) BUT, what possessed him to say YES to what I'm about to tell you, will continue to allude my logical mind.

There was a knock on our door at about 9pm Sunday evening. I was upstairs. Hubs answered. No biggie. He proceeded (WITHOUT talking to me) to say yes, to a week long committment.......

moving on......

It was our neighbor. The Christian, single mom of three boys who lives next door. Did I mention we are attached to her because we live in a duplex?

She's a total sweetheart. I just love her. BUT (how shall I say this?) her parenting ideas are MUCH different than ours.

For example: our kids have a bedtime, hers don't. Her kids are so loud that we turn on our bathroom fan (when they are next door at home) to drown out the noise level. They are the biggest reason we are moving on June 1st into a HOUSE, so that we don't have attached neighbors......anyway, moving on.....

So imagine, running on about 4 hours of sleep, awaking to the household exploding in screaming at a decible that no human ear should be allowed to endure, let alone trying to continue sleeping?

So can you guess who is on my list this morning? oooooooooooh, yes, that would be my hubs, the man that told our neighbor YES on Sunday evening WITHOUT discussing this week long babysitting committment with his wife who works crazy hours and NEEDS sleep.

As of this morning, being awoken at 8 am, after falling asleep at 4:30 am....He either needs to tell her this isn't going to work out (because let's face it when it's on their side of the duplex, atleast we have our fan) or I need to GET A ROOM!!!!!!!!! in a hotel far, far, far away :)
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You poor thing... bless your heart! you can have a room here anytime. It's a bit of a commute but I'd let you stay awhile! :)

May 13, 2008 at 8:10 AM  

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