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Thursday, March 13, 2008

20 froggies......

When I was a little girl, my grandma Lewis would sing the "20 Froggy" song to my sister and I. It was a song that had been passed down from her grandma and mom.

So it seemed fitting for me to sing it to my children as they are growing up.

The words are as follows:

20 froggies go to school

down beside a rushing pool

20 little coats of green

20 vests all white and clean

We must be on time said they

first we study then we play

that is how they teach the rules

when we froggies go to school

Polished in a high degree

as each froggy ought to be

now they sit on other logs

teaching other little frogs.

My son has latched onto this song and WILL NOT (he refuses) go to bed if I don't sing it.

Hence the song has become a part of our nighttime routine. No problem, I am a fan of traditions and passing things down from one generation to the next...

Also, a part of our nighttime routine is his scruffy teddy bear that he absolutely MUST sleep with every night and at nap time.

Fast forward to 4 a.m. this morning.

Caleb comes down crying.

I assume he's had a bad dream, so I comfort him and carry him back to bed.

He says, "no mommy, I can't find bear"

I put on my glasses and we look everywhere.....

in the office

in his bed

under the couch.

I'm reminding myself, it HAS to be in his bed or else he wouldn't have gone to sleep last night.

As I begin to wake up more fully (which is never fun when trying to back to sleep in the middle of the night)

I hear Caleb yell from the living room....keep in mind, we are still hunting for his bear.....

"Mommy, 20 froggies took bear!!!"

He's mortified to think his favorite froggies could have stolen his bear in the middle of the night.

Then I hear (half asleep from our bed in the other room) Jeff bursts out laughing!!!!

Waking from my half comatose state I realize what my son has just said and I begin laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face......

Admanently he continues,"no mommy, 20 froggies took bear!!"

As I reassure my son that the 20 froggies did, in fact, NOT take his beloved bear, I realize that I only half-heatedly and more asleep than I realized looked through his bed.

So we stumble back up the stairs, this point everyone but my daughter is awake. And there wrapped tightly in Caleb's covers was his beloved bear.

As he realized the frogs had not stolen his precious bear, he asked me to sing his favorite song. So I tucked him in, sang 20 froggies and giggled to myself thinking of the criminals my son had the 20 froggies made out to be in the moment of panic and search for his bear.

I think I ended up counting frogs to get back to sleep last night :)

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I love the felt tip beard!

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