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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So what do I do at 2 a.m. when I can't sleep?
I blog.
ahhh pathetic, but true :)
Today's list is brought to you from the "just getting over a horrific migraine, but now has a migraine-free brain, but can't sleep because I've slept for 16 hours today head....."
The Random List for migraine sufferers.......
  1. First question you must ask yourself, "where is the migraine located?" IE:for me if it's over my left eye, I'm in for a dosey of a trip.
  2. IF, you are medicine taker (which I am, if needed) take the appropriate medication that your DOCTOR has prescribed and....
  3. Proceed to nearest extremely DARK room.
  4. Lay flat (preferably your bed) and get comfy. I put on my PJs and take off my bra, this just makes me more comfy.
  5. Take about 5 deep, slow breathes in through your nose and SLOWLY out through your nose. This helps get much needed oxygen to your brain and helps to regulate your blood flow.
  6. Continue deep breath exercises for approximately 10-15 minutes.
  7. Place an (leak proof) ice bag on the back of your neck or directly on the pain center on the front of your head.
  8. TRY to let your thoughts disappear as you TRY to relax.
  9. Leave the ice pack on either location for approximately 15-20 mins. any longer could cause a relapse in headache.
  10. TRY to shut your eyes and sleep. Between the breathing techniques, letting your mind go from any stress/worry/anxiety and your doctor prescribe meds. you should be able to fall asleep within 20-60 minutes.

Remember listen to your gut, if you feel you need to call 911 or seek medical assistance...YOU SHOULD!!!!! This list is only intended to be used as another step in the process to helping rid your head of this painful intruder. ALWAYS seek your doctor's advice and follow his/her instructions accordingly. I am NOT....I repeat NOT a doctor or a nurse.

I am only a migraine sufferer who has walked down some dark and depressingly painful migraine paths. I've been there....that's ALL.

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