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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Word Association Game


ok, what do you think of?

*another year older

Let me tell you what they are full of around my neck of the woods............

cake, sugar, ice cream, sugar, pizza, sugar and soda....oh and did I mention?.....sugar?

Yep, my daughter turned 6 yrs old today and today also marked her second "official" party.

Which for mommy, means a horrid obstacle course of sugar (in all forms) and trying desperately to make healthy choices, but alas, succumbing to a few lapses in judgement along the way.

I made it through her first party with no problem......I'm not really a fan of cake or ice cream.....whew, no problem.....even the pizza didn't interest me. Instead, I focused on the beautiful party dress I would find and purchase for the wedding in July that I want to look killer for. (vain, but true)

Tonight's birthday party however?

well let's just say, there was no cream?........... yes, but no cake.

Instead, my daughter opted for a huge chocolate chip cookie with frosting on it....***ugh***

For me, if you put Cheetos, fruity/chewy candy and/or chocolate chip cookies in my path I become like a crack addict, addicting to this drug of's so pathetic on my part and I wince at the thought of my complete lack of self discipline in this area.

~Alas it is what it is and I ate a piece of cookie and let me tell you, it was no sliver.

Instead of wallowing in my momentary lapse of judgement and succumbing to the poisonous fruit which was my downfall.....I will press on....I will not lose sight that tomorrow is a new day....that the wagon is waiting and I can hop back on at any point.

Here's to hopping back on the wagon and making better choices tomorrow.

~toodle lou~


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I remember feeling completely out of control around sugar. It is not your fault. You are just sugar sensitive :)

The only thing that has ever helped me (and I've done diet after diet) is a book called Potatoes not Prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons.

I've gone from having terrific mood swings, depression, anxiety, compulsive eating, oh you name it I had it, to being calm, happy, joyful, and I eat just three meals a day. No white-knuckling, no sugar, no problem :)

Best wishes on your journey from someone who has so been there!

June 26, 2008 at 5:29 AM  

Your honesty is so refreshing to read! We've all cracked under the cookie pressure many times...:)
Thanks for reminding me that we are all just human.

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl! Hope she had fun.

June 30, 2008 at 10:11 AM  

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