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Thursday, May 29, 2008

small victories

So yesterday, I got off work and my stomach was seriously growling. Not the "hmmm, I don't feel full, but will eat anyway" feeling, but serious, deep, intense G R O W L I N G

I knew at midnight it would still be growling and I knew that I would be passing a McDonald's on my way home from work......enter temptation monster #1 (oh did I mention I pass 2 McD's, 1 taco bell, 1 Wendy's, 1 burger king, 1 SONIC---on my way home?) YES, I am just that sickly addicted to fast food. Something about the convience factor, mets greasey nastiness conjures up happy thoughts. Did I also mention that Sonic is like pure satan evil....I L O V E S O N I C!!!!!!!!!

Oh right, back on track.....focus....back on track....

So as I pass the first McDs I realize I have a banana in my purse along with the other 32 oz of now-room-temperature-yucky-bland water in my container. So I opt for these options, verses the yummy, digusting cheeseburger and GUESS WHAT??? it was actually satisfying in a weird way. I mean it took the hunger pains away, I didn't feel like I was going to puke or have to run to the bathroom etc.

This folks is a small victory for this baby stepper :)


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Good 4 u girl..

I too am always tempted to drive thru places when im STARVING to DEATH...Im a sucker 4 subway, thats my weakness..the turkey breast footlong with pickels olives lettuce and cucumbers..

Im dying now just thinking about it.

Ur doing great...and it WILL pay off..

May 31, 2008 at 8:21 AM  

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