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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crybaby 101

So as I've sat here this passed week, writhing in pain. I've managed to have myself a pretty incredibly huge pity party........I know....shocker!!

You see, I didn't realize until tonight (it takes me awhile, ok....geesh) that I am completely jealous of my husband's social life...purely pathetic, I realize now, but it is what it is...........

I figured that I would be in classes as well about this time. I never imagined that out-of-state tuition would be so inflated here and I would have to wait an entire year. Nor was I counting on having semi-major surgery when we got here, which has severely hindered any outside social interaction along with becoming gainfully employed.....ugh!!

So tonight as my husband walks through the door in his Pizza Hut styling outfit, it hits me like a ton of bricks..........I'm a big ole crybaby!!

Here is my hubs, working his tail off at the university, catching up because he stayed out of classes for several days while I had surgery, and is now delivering pizzas in between his craziness because I'm recooping and ALL I can think about it myself.........oh yes, I'll make a terrific pastor's wife......ugh.......

there's a dose of good ole fashioned reality from my neck of the woods, fo ya ;)


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