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Friday, November 30, 2007

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was never a football

Columbia gets so extremely pumped when the Tigers play.

Now they are facing the opportunity to head to a Bowl game.......Go Tigers!!!



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Saturday, November 10, 2007

a sleepy saturday

i'm writing in all lower case letters today........well......because i feel like it.....

it's a sleepy saturday today. i'm pooped from a long work week, so i really have nothing witty or profound to say...........not that i ever do, but in case you were hoping to come over to my little spot in cyberspace and be deeply moved or challenged, i've got nothing!!

things i'm looking forward to this month:
*2 days off with pay....WHOOT!!
*michigan friends staying for a full 24 hours to visit.....WHOOT!!!
*working out at the gym around the corner from my house.
*maybe seeing one of the several movies i want to an actual theatre.

i don't think it's a tremendously insane list......i may acutally complete them all, we'll see

well that's all i've got, until next time....ciao
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Friday, November 2, 2007

Various thoughts from my work week......

So I have successfully completed another week of work and I've come to ponder many things.....random and insignificant, but thoughts none-the-less.....

why is it when you walk into a women's bathroom and sit down next to someone who has also just entered that it's entirely impossible to pee?
am I the only one with this problem? pee-shyness?
Maybe it's the fact that 4 women at any given moment can all pee or poop at the same time, not to mention see who is inside the stall through the three inch gap between the hinge and the frame.......

There seem to be a lot of interracial couples here in our town, is it because Missouri is more accepting than Florida or Michigan? (personally I think it's a beautiful thing, unfortunately some close-minded people think otherwise)

There also seem to be more overweight and obese peole in the Midwest (as opposed to Florida) is it because the sun doesn't shine here as often?

What is it about the sunshine that makes people feel happy?

Who invented the "pod" or the "cubicle" They (along with the person who created the bra) need to be taken outside for bouts of public humiliation. Seriously, these people obvisiously were never constricted by aforementioned for a period of 8 hours or longer.

Who sets the national standard for poverty? I would like to have a sit-me-down session with that person, immediately!!

Why do churches (atleast in my experience) either try to fit into the "cool" mode of "cutting edge" OR you have to try to fit into the "clique"

Why do people on the East Coast seem rude and the Midwest hospitible? Does it have anything to do with time zones?

Why don't fast food chains invent a way to package ketchup like other dipping sauces? Seriously, do you know how much more convient this concept would be......

Is it ok to think your neighbor is a hottie, even if you're married?

Is it ok to be in your 30s and still have no clue about what you want to be when you grow up?

Why do my feet stink when I wear birks, but they don't in all other sandals?

just some randomness from inside the mind of a recently converted stay-at-home mom who just rejoined the work force crunching worries ;)


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