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Friday, August 31, 2007

Alive, Breathing and in pain

Hi all,
just a quick update. The surgery went off without any problems. It was a simple outpatient procedure and yes I have three poke

I am still in quite a bit of pain. I feel like I've birthed my third child out from under my rib cage, so I have been heavily medicated the last two days and in bed sleeping.

Seriously I don't care what people say, this surgery was PAINFUL!!!
However, the pain is worth it to not have the "other" pain I was experiencing from having an inflammed, stone-ridden gallbladder.

My mom and dad are coming down today and my mom will stay for two weeks.....thank God!!

that's about it...........I will write more later once I start feeling human again


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Oh's true

Tomorrow I'll have my gallbladder out.........who knew this little organ could be so painful!!! YIKES

I went by ambulance this morning around 4am because I thought my appendix was going to explode. Turns out, it was my overly filled gallbladder, which lucky for me the timing was perfect as our insurance is set to expire the end of this month and my surgeon just got back into town from vacation, so he has an opening tomorrow couldn't come soon enough, I have never experienced such pain........and I've had two C-sections!!!

anyone out there have theirs removed? what can I expect??


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Monday, August 27, 2007


Lots of happenings around my neck of the woods.........

First off.......I have a Kindergartner, say what?!?!!?? could someone please tell me when this phenom en happened because the last time I checked, she was a preemie who weighed 4.6 lbs. and easily fit on my shoulder???!!!???

Second off.......I have come to the glaringly obvious revelation that
I S T I N K at trusting God fully with my life and with my family's life.....I'm a total doorknob when it comes to this area of my life. I guess I am just a big ole narcissus when it comes to believing that I am somehow greater at making our life decisions that the Creator of the universe........ugh

Third off.....I totally pig out on food of all types when I'm
S T R E S S E D O U T !!!! I always wondered what my trigger was. For some people it's sadness, other people boredom, but oh no, not for me, it's purely stressed out and out-of-controllness........yippee~~~ well I guess the first step is realizing it and no longer living in denial.......whoopee!!!

Fourth off.......we pouw folk now.....I guess I knew that if my hubby pursued the ministry on some full-time level this would be the case. I guess I figured I would be OK with it, but now that we have sold (seriously) almost all of our earthly possessions and are sleeping on an air mattress on the floor, I am kinda being a big fat baby about the comforts that I thought I could easily give up....I suck!!

Disclaimer here: NO I do not think that if you are in full-time ministry you must sell all of your worldly possessions and sleep on the floor. We just had to because we needed the money to move....LOL

So let's review:

I'm an old fat narcissistic whiner who is in serious need of prayer......

thanks.....over and out ;)


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Saturday, August 25, 2007

A home

Well we've moved into our new home.

After M U C H searching, through tears, worries and prayer we have found a nice townhouse to live in. It's a huge blessing, great neighborhood, wonderful schools, easy location etc. I feel thankful!!

The search was exhausting as there are many many places to rent here, mostly dumpy junky places (which we probably saw most of them), but on the last day my parents were here, we were able to secure our new location.....hurray!!

Onto phase 2:

I need a job, yesterday!!!!! Please say a quick prayer for us.

That's all I've got as I am pooped out. Moving across the country, sleeping on rock hard hotel beds and now the floor will do that to a 32 year old mommy, I


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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Show Me State

So we made it to the Show Me state. For those of you who are unaware, that would be Missouri......

WOWWZERS there is a TON of corn here.........I mean like field after field times infinity........seriously.......

To sum up our trip from South Carolina to was L O N G

Three days to be exact.
Of driving.

My husband rigged up some contraption to the back of his pickup truck and we were on our way. We sold most of our belongings in our garage sale, so this move was easy in that we didn't have a lot to move.

After several hours on the road, flying mattresses (we gave our king size mattress away because it kept taking flight) a puking baby boy and multiple pee stops, we have finally made it to our destination.

We are T I R E D........

First impressions:

people are extremely friendly

THANK THE LORD we no longer live in the south!!!!!!

WOW is it cheap to live here

It's amazing what landlords think is "nice" and want to charge for when in my opinion I wouldn't put my dog there (and I don't even have a

I finally live in the "Midwest" and I can honestly say to all the Michiganders who think by living in Michigan makes them are wrong.......I think one would have to be as geninuely friendly as these fellow Missourians to be considered "midwestern"

It's not humid here, regardless of what the locals think, one has not experienced humidity until they've lived in a South Carolina summer.

I hope, oh so very much, that the sun actually shines far I haven't seen it other than for a bright dreary day.....ugh

So we are looking for a place to live amid a million other things.......just wanted to pop in and say, "hey"


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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The ONE place I'll miss the most..........

The ONE place I will miss the most is.........Savannah, GA
What an incredible city!!! I absolutely love it there and we will return to visit, definately........

If you are a movie buff, this is one of the best places to go. Movies like: Forest Gump, Midnight in the garden of good and evil were filmed here, along with amazing producers and directors either live or have second homes here. Producers who've worked on Remember the Titans, The Big Chill, Mission Impossible III, Paycheck, The General's Daughter........

Not only movies, but this city has rich history with amazing beauty.....I love it!!

Amazingly it's the only place I'll miss the most on our little tour of SC and ironically, it's in Georgia.....LOL

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I am the world's biggest procrastinator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I admit it.
I desperately want to change it, but I honestly don't know what my problem is.

My procrastination has changed over the years from being your "typical" teenage procrastinator.

Now the procrastination in my life seems to surround, ONLY, packing.
I don't know if it's because I'm so sick of moving (although you would think I would be a pro by now) or if I just hate dealing with the clutter.

Regardless of it's reason, I am having a SUPER DUPER hard time this time with finding the motivation to walk into my closet and pack all of it's contents.............grrrr.......I'm frustrated with myself, BUT, I'm also extremely tired.

So this is my little rant about myself and one of my character flaws...........

All I know is that we are taking a L O N G time trying to find the RIGHT place to live where we are going, because this chick is not moving again!!!!!!!!!! (unless we move into the ghetto........otherwise, N O T moving again!!!!!!!!)

We head out early early early tomorrow morning............I've so gotta get it together here......yikes :)
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It has been a whirlwind of fun, excitment, tiredness and anxiety.

Our company has gone. The time seemed to fly......

Our garage sale a success.

Now for the packing of the rest of the household.

I've decided to deter my college goings for one year. I will still pursue nursing, just not this year. I did, however, get accepted to the college, but the timing just isn't working out for me right now.......I'm bummed, but it will work out for the best.

We move, then I have two of the four of us heading out the door starting Tuesday to school.....WOWZERS!!!!

Nothing overally witty or deep to convey, just wanted to let you know I am still breathing and kicking......LOL
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Thursday, August 9, 2007

A thought to share......for women......

Just taking a moment out of the ongoing insanity to ponder........

We were watching something on T.V. yesterday (I can't remember what it was, so just go with me here) and someone said, "Friendship Matters" and I don't know what the show was or who said it or even it's doesn't matter.......the profoundness is in the statement.........Friendship Matters.

As I've been hustling around here for the last several weeks I've taken into account this statement, really without thought, but when it was stated the truth of this statement was profound.

Friendships do matter, especially to women. We are emotional beings. Sure some of us cry, whail really, others seem firm/stern, yet others are somewhere in doesn't really matter, it's the beauty of what makes us unique. Our uniqueness, whether easy to get along with or a bit of a struggle, is what defines us as women and I for one am thankful for the women who have visited the doorstep of my life.

I can proudly declare that I've intentionally stayed in contact with most of the women who have entered my life, whether through my high school, college or young adult years. I've been blessed by the ones who have answered the phone when I've called or who've called or returned my call. It's hard staying in touch, atleast for me, now as a wife and a mother, but I try and I appreciate the grace these lovely women have given me in the process.

I was just touched again by the beauty of thoughtfulness when I was given a book by a friend, very unexpectedly. Her thoughtfulness defines who she is and she is a gem of a person, but more importantly a deeply committed, loving person, whom anyone would be blessed to have her in their life. Thank you my precious friend........

Again I was touched by another sweet friend whom took time out of her extremely busy life to return a phone call I had made and answer questions I had about our move, our future, my husband's college. Her joy and delight are what defines her and again she is a blessing in my life....

Women are beautiful creatures whom the Father has created to show the world His love, His care, His nurture......
I love this passage from a book I received from one of the above mentioned friends. It's taken from the book, "Queen of the Castle" by Lynn Bowen Walker.

Women can give up their jobs as clerks, engineers, salespeople, doctors--other people will step in and the world will go on as smoothly as before....The groceries will still be sold, trucks loaded with merchandise will still roll across our highways, and Wall Stree will carry on. Not so much with Homemaking. We are the special people into whose hands the homes of the country and the world have been entrusted. When we leave this job the world does not go on as before. It falters and begins to lose its way. We homemakers are indepensable. Homemaking is much more than a job--it is a profession: a profession which is venerable,honorable, and of the highest benefit to mankind. We must not forget this," ~Mary LaGrand Bouma
It's with this same spirit of thought that Friendship Matters.....we nurturing, honorable women are irreplaceable in our families lives and our friend's lives.......remember your beautiful position in this world and embrace it........
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I figured it out.....well

My doctors figured out that a medication I was on for migraines for over a year had started causing my heart to race. So I abruptly stopped taking this medication about 1 week ago.

In this time frame, I've suffered from sleep deprivation and what appears to be panic attacks.............well I was talking with my doctor's nurse yesterday (he's in Chicago, so lots of phone interaction) and I told her I stopped that medication without weaning off of it....lesser of two evils kinda thing.............and she said that these panic attacks and sleep interruption at night are completely due to be abruptly stopping this med. So hurray!!!!

Now atleast I know the cause these two things are stemming from!!
She said that over the course of the next month I should be be fine. In the mean time, they've prescribed a very low dose sleeping's all a LONG story, but I'm thankful. My biggest struggle has been sleeping, so I'm excited to get some sleep and not feel like a zombie in the morning.....

My hub's family is in town today through the 14th, we move on the 15th, so if I can't write, I'll post once we've settled and we get internet access....until then be good and stay happy & healthy!!!!


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Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh my

well before I can even begin this week, I thought I would blog.

Writing helps me deal with stress, so hang with me.

I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum and apparently my BP was high because I start getting really sick about 1/3 of the way into the movie. OMgoodness the place was P A C K E D!!!
Litterally there wasn't one open seat.....I went by myself......hubs thinks I had a panic attack......I don't know what I had, I just knew that if I didn't get up and get some air I was going to I drove home and slept for 3 hours....LOL
I got a re-admit ticket, so I will go with the hubs when his family is in town, or atleast we are hoping ;)

From what I saw, it looked amazing and Matt Damon is quite the hottie in this one......of course I wrote all about him in my "other" post that never posted because it was lost in cyberspace.....**ahhhh*** oh well.....

My hub's mom and sister are headed into town tomorrow, so I have quite a bit of cleaning to do today. Then they leave on the 14th and we leave on the 15th............

I still haven't heard from the college I've applied's an issue of large college + late application = frustrated Angie......LOL......
Hopefully I will hear something by the end of this week, or atleast that was their guesstimation.......

The BP has been fluctuating between normal and high. I honestly think it's stress.......can't imagine why?!!?!??!? LOL

well it's time to start my day and actually get this place clean and tidy, along with finishing up labeling stuff for junk sale..**ahem** I mean garage sale and packing, grocery shopping and meal prep......I have a busy rest of the month ahead of me.......

ok well that's it, nothing too fancy for blogger today, just random thoughts by me, a person who is S T R E S S E D to the M A X!!!!

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Friday, August 3, 2007

I could be sick.........

well it turns out that my mind is racing with the million and one things I have to do.

Somehow while I was typing this amazing post about wanting to see the Bourne Ultimatum tonight (post was complete with pictures and my commentary) I managed to completely DELETE my blogspot titled "Just me....again" What you are currently viewing is my recreation of my original site...........Grrrrrr....I'm so mad at myself I could puke!!!!!!!!!

I was trying to delete the other blog linked to this dashboard. I wanted to improve and restart a "weight loss" blog spot, so I thought I was deleting that old weight loss site, but instead I deleted my original blog spot........if that makes any sense at all, I am not doing well.....I literally feel physically ill because I worked on the stupid Bourne Ultimatum post for 1/2 hour and then......NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! including all of my links, customization etc.....(if you aren't linked, please leave a comment with your link and I'll add you) how extremely frustrating.........

whoa, I think I might have a meltdown......over this silly blog........UUGGHH!!!

anyway, that's it, I'm severely disappointed and a bit sad.......bear with me as I attempt to recreate this spot (and hopefully in the process I manage a weight loss blog as well)

If you need me I will be banging my head against the wall for the next several hours..............toodle loou
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