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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Family Vacation Weekend

I'm so excited.

We've never taken a family vacation. My daughter is 5 years old.

The last vacation I had was my honeymoon....pathetic right?

Well this weekend we are loading up the kids, car and heading away to camp, camp, camp.

I was never a big camper that is until I've had kids and haven't had a vacation in forever.

My kids have never been, so I'm thrilled to watch them see the tent go up, figure out we are sleeping outside, watch daddy make a fire, eat their first smore', take walks exploring and looking at the beautiful fall leaves changing colors, singing around the campfire at night while daddy plays his guitar, finding God in nature.....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Now I must figure out if Missouri has any critters that could harm us.....eek, I am so NOT a fan of critters, insect-like or bigger, just not a fan, so I'm hoping what I discover on google will not freak me out. LOL

I'll post pics. when we get back

Have a great weekend!!!


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'd forget my head if.....

it wasn't already glued on!!!!!!


So I don't know what it's like in other states, but it seems that the public school system here in Missouri let's kids out every other day............seriously, if it's not because of the heat, it's because the teacher's are having a conference day, district day, you name it day.........

So today was "picture" day at my daughter's school. I somehow managed to get her dressed, hair brushed, teeth/face washed and out the door, just in time to make it to school to get her in line for pictures. Genius that they have the Kindergarteners go first......bravo to whomever decided this logic....

No problem, I'm feeling quite proud of myself. Since today was the first day of our "schedule" since Nanna left, I was feeling accomplished. I even took my son to the mall to walk a few laps. We nicely got home, had lunch and got the tired boy down for a nap. Then the phone rings.....

"Mrs. Deale?" the voice asked.

"Yes this is she." I replied.

"Yes, this is so & so from your daughter's school, we let the kids out today at 1:15pm as a regularly scheduled day, are you able to pick her"

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!" I gasped. "Yes of course, I am on my way."

I scoop up my half awake son and run for the car. I look at the clock it's almost 2pm. Why did they take so long in calling me? I wonder as I drive.

I get to the school a mere 10 mins. later and run into the office. I notice I'm not the only SUV/Van sitting in the parking lot and my daughter is definately not the only one sitting in the office......Whew, I breathe a sigh of relief......I spot my daughter, a little nervously I wave thinking the poor thing has been forgotten, what a terrible mommy I am for not remembering the 1/2 day today.....beating myself up as I wait for her to run to me.....

She skips over and says, "ahhh mom, that was quick I was just starting to have fun!" :)

WHEW again..................

when will I get this???!!!?!?!?!?.....being a full-time momma and getting on a schedule. (I didn't mention, but my daughter doesn't ride the bus, so she's a parent pick up which is non-negotiable)

am I the only parent in the world who has forgotten to pick up there kid?

oh well.......the moral of the story...........atleast I remembered picture day!!!! LOL


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Friday, September 21, 2007

gaining momentum

I'm gaining momentum.

getting stronger.

will write more later.

interviewing today.

mom goes home today :(

life resumes......tomorrow :)


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home again

Ahhhh, to be home again!!!

I'm exhausted, but will fill you in quickly. I was taken by ambulance on Thursday to the hospital where I stayed until released today, I think a total of 5 days. I had my liver/pancreas ducts cleaned out and am returning back to my normal peachy color vs. the nice yellow glow I've had for the passed several days.

I'm pooped, so won't say too much else.....thanks to those who called, wrote, and prayed....keep doing so, it's all greatly appreciated!


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


True understanding comes from leaving the comfy confines of denial and actually looking at the full picture, acknowledging it, learning from it and then accepting it.

I believe I have finally arrived in my understanding for our life. Or atleast I have a small glimpse into one tiny area.....ha ha

What do I mean?

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will never shop at Ethan Allen or Bombay Co. on our current or future salary and I am completely OK with this new understanding.

Well I should say, I am NOW OK with this new understanding.

Don't get me wrong I love to shop, I like new things and I find that my taste is usually expensive. I just naturally gravitate toward expensive things without knowing who the designer is until someone tells me, "oh Angie, that Christine Dior" my response is usually, "who?" I just like the product.....

We've never been able to shop with the big dogs, we got close in Florida. The irony though while we were there is that we never saw the hubs. He was always working. Sure I shopped a ton more than now, but the trade-off was not seeing the man. So when he lost his job and we moved to SC and now to here, we've finally cocooned into who we will be from here on out.

We will be in full-time ministry and with that comes amazing freedom in doing something you love, also some time (odd hours actually) of seeing right now, we see him all day on Monday because he doesn't have class (which I would take time spent with Hubs rather than extra money to shop....just me)......and frugality.
God has blessed us already with amazing gifts ranging from a $12 recliner to a gift of money over $1000. You know that the absolute most humbling thing to me is.......being good stewards of what has been given to us and what will be.....seriously, this is a whole new life lesson for me and I am honored and terrified!!!

Understanding is truly a gift in that it allows a person to see for the first time, learn for the first time and understand God on a whole new scale.

these are just some ramblings of mine for today. hope it makes sense I had to take painkillers for the tummy last


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Monday, September 10, 2007

My guy

Happy Birthday Honey!!!!
You are the best.
We love you very much.


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Friday, September 7, 2007

Heartbreak Alley

Oh my mommy's heart is a bit broken.

My daughter didn't want to go to school yesterday, AT ALL!!!!
She pulled the "I'm sick" card all the way down to, "mom I just don't want to go" OK, I'm thinking to myself, this is unlike my kiddo who is starting her second week of Kindergarten. She absolutely LOVED the first week, so what's up. Hubs and I have been talking to her about her day, friends etc......

So yesterday I tell her to go to class and I will stop by for her lunch hour and check on her. She agrees and our days start.

Around noon I head back over to her school to have lunch with her. She seems fine, acts fine, everthing is.....fine. In fact, she quickly asked me to "leave" as her friends were coming up to her table to have lunch with her. I'm thinking, oh good, she's recooped and she wants me to leave......ok

3:30pm she walks in the door to inform me that a little girl spit in her water after I left. Grrrrrrrrrr, my mommy roar was rearing up. I don't want my daughter to be bullied at school, especially since she's in public school now and we never intended for her to go there, rather private. My worst fear is being realized and I'm at my wits end. It's hard enough to release your child, whom you've been home with for 5 years, into the big world of school, but then to have them be picked on........UGH!!!!
So I don't know what to do. My flesh wants to teach my daughter to kick this little girl's butt, but I know that is not the right thing to do. I just want to protect her and she's out in the big world all alone from 9-3pm

any advice from other moms??


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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crybaby 101

So as I've sat here this passed week, writhing in pain. I've managed to have myself a pretty incredibly huge pity party........I know....shocker!!

You see, I didn't realize until tonight (it takes me awhile, ok....geesh) that I am completely jealous of my husband's social life...purely pathetic, I realize now, but it is what it is...........

I figured that I would be in classes as well about this time. I never imagined that out-of-state tuition would be so inflated here and I would have to wait an entire year. Nor was I counting on having semi-major surgery when we got here, which has severely hindered any outside social interaction along with becoming gainfully employed.....ugh!!

So tonight as my husband walks through the door in his Pizza Hut styling outfit, it hits me like a ton of bricks..........I'm a big ole crybaby!!

Here is my hubs, working his tail off at the university, catching up because he stayed out of classes for several days while I had surgery, and is now delivering pizzas in between his craziness because I'm recooping and ALL I can think about it myself.........oh yes, I'll make a terrific pastor's wife......ugh.......

there's a dose of good ole fashioned reality from my neck of the woods, fo ya ;)


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Sunday, September 2, 2007

My recovery in a nutshell

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by this little stop and offered their kind words of encouragement!! It's been fun to visit and read your comments.

I'm starting to feel slightly human again. I have my moments, then I give in to the exhaustion that seems overpowering at times. I find myself sleeping a TON, puking/pooping a TON, sleeping some more, popping painkillers, puking/pooping some more.........let me tell you, it's a blast around here!! LOL

On the flip side I figure this may be a great weight-loss initiative!! HA HA

I've decided that I would rather have another C-section with a 10lb baby than have my gallbladder out. Those who say this surgery is cake.....pfft to you.....I called my surgeon's nurse on Friday and asked her why I wasn't recovering as quickly as I've heard that people recover from this surgery do. She reminded me that 1. it was done on an emergency basis. 2. I just moved to MO, so I was already exhausted. 3. My gallbladder was pretty inflammed and nasty, and honey, let's not forget an organ was removed from your body..........."Oh" I said, so I'm on the two week recovery plan, eh?" She laughed and said, "atleast"
geesh.....they could have been a little more upfront.

The kicker in all of this is that I am suppose to be the bread winner now and I can't sit up for more than 15 minutes without feeling like I might pass out...........oh golly....more to worry about.......

Anyway, it's ramen, oatmeal and coke for this family of four, or atleast my hubs and kiddos as I think it's wasteful for me to eat since it ends up in the toliet one way or the other within 15 minutes of swallowing.....

That's my recovery in a nutshell..........LOL


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