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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wowzers, I'm outta shape

Wowzers, I quickly learned yesterday how seriously out of shape I have gotten.

Over the course of our several moves in 2007 I have failed to stay on a rigorous workout schedule. I've done what I can here and there, BUT, let's face it...I am out of shape

So yesterday, my mom, hubby and children along with myself head to this remarkable "state" recreation (it's like the Great Wolf Lodge, only cheap) where I proceed to purchase goggles for myself.

SIDENOTE: many of you don't know, but I spent a summer in Italy working as a lifeguard. I typically don't mention it because it was a time that was tied to a yucky boy......anyway, swimming provided excellent exercise that I was in the best shape I've ever been in, in my life....

SOOOOOO fast forward to last night. I decide I'll lap swim. Afterall, there is a girl I work with who has been lap swimming for about 5 months now and she's lost about 70lbs.....I say sign me up :)

So I swim. About 10 laps and this morning. I hurt so legs, my back, my arms....last night my calves even hurt :)
no kidding, who knew that swimming could be so physically demanding?

So I am planning to keep up with it. I love it now....I had forgotten

So here's to lap swimming. MY goal for the end of May is to be able to swim 50 laps without feeling like I'm going to die :)

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunburns, Sundays and where is my Siesta?

Since going back to work full-time, my moments of quality time are few and far between.

So in an effort to remember my fabulous weekends, I decided (well and since I have nothing else of interest to write about) I would jot down some highlights of my weekend.....

Sunburns: FINALLY, the Missouri sun decided to come out from behind it's winter clouds and show it's face. As a result, my arms and legs are a bit pink. I was beginning to really lose my Florida glow, so it was nice to see a tinge of pink appear on my arms.

Sundays: This was a rush around Sunday with a happy ending. After getting two kids and myself ready for church, we rushed out the door. After we decided to take a more lesiurely pace about the day. We enjoyed frolicking times in one of the many Columbia parks....gotta love this city :)

As for my much needed didn't happen, BUT I will soon be going to the evening shift, which I can't wait for and will soon enjoy much needed Siestas throughout the day
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

My son

My little man will be turning 3 years old the end of this month.

Seriously, I can't believe it.

When he was born, I never imagined him as a 3 year old, simply because he was my newborn son. Now that he is rounding the corner to the #3, I can't imagine him as a 14 year old. Alas, he will approach his teen years at some point. From there college, first loves, driving, ahhhhh, the list goes on and on

But today I relish in his little accomplishments.....

like jumping out of the bathtub two nights ago and landing on the potty just in time to poop in the great, white porcelin potty, instead of the bubble bath that awaited his return.

like listening to him sing his ABCs and counting to more than 30.

like watching him play and share his toys with his sister (sure it only happens on a rare occassion, but it's something, right?)

like smiling to myself as he asks me for a rojo popscile instead of a red one :)

like having him tell me his very best friends at school are named: Dude, Hunter and Tessy-Wessy

Ahhhh, my little mister holds my heart and soon he'll be turning 3!!!!

Time does fly when you're a mommy :)


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A MUST READ for every parent

Many of you know that my background is in social work. More importantly.....child safety

So it should not come as a complete shock that the book I'm about to HIGHLY recommend pertains to ....CHILD SAFETY

As a parent, I worry, just like the next mom. About things like injuries, my children's self esteem and confidence. As a social worker, I worry about keeping my kids safe from this dangerous place that we call home here on planet earth.

Crimes against children are real.....they the real world.....let's not deny this fact.

BUT, we can definately guide our children through this life, giving them every tool and teaching them to hone their intuition, so that they have a higher success rate.

A fellow co-worker recommended a book called, "Protecting The Gift" by Gavin De Becker. He lays it out on the line, no holds barr. This is an absolute MUST read, for every parent.

It's practical and insightful. One idea from the book about keeping our children many of you have told your child if they get lost or seperated from you, to head to the nearest police officer??

I know that I have told my kids this......have you?


have you ever asked yourself if your child can tell the difference between a police officer or a security guard? They look similar, right? Their uniforms......
Think about this fact.....the Son of Sam killer, the Hillside Strangler and many more serial killers and rapists dressed as security guards and lured in their victims.

Instead, how about recommending a lost child seek out the help of a woman? Maybe even a woman with small children with her. Why?
Because women get involved and stay involved until that child is safe. I'm not saying men are bad, but less trustworthy when it comes to statistics on sexual predators......just some food for thought.

So RUN.....don't your nearest library, bookstore or internet bookstore and get this book.....let's dialouge about it

Now I must go....but I must leave you with this final morsal of motherhood tidbits.

The Scene: I am sitting with my children waiting for my husband to return from inside the store. I've worked 8 hours, listening to henious crimes against children....I'm exhausted because I slept with my 5 yr. old's arm across my face, as she was sure it was the only defense against her scary sleep with her mommy :0)

Anyway, my nerves are shot. My hubby is taking forever and my children are screaming at the top of their lungs. I tell them that they will be headed to bed as soon as we get home this evening. To which, my daughter assures me it's her brother's fault. When I tell her I heard her screaming. She replies with, "but mom, I had brother made me do it"

Classic I's starting.....

So in my less than "on" mommy brain, I say, "well AJD, if CDD jumped off of a bridge would you, just because he did?"

Thinking, surely she'll say NO

Instead I get (after the gasp of course)" of course silly, I would save him!!!"

UGH.....when did my five yr. old begin to out thinik me????


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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My new TV addiction......LOVE Chelsea Handler

She may be a little crass and a bit offensive to some, BUT, I think she is hilarious!!!!

This was the most "offensive free" video I found on worth it to watch for a good chuckle......

She's coming to Chicago and I really want to go, but my hubs won't make the drive :(

I don't think she'll ever come to little ole Mizzur-ah.......****ahhhh*****sigh****

So I wait until 10:30pm C to watch worth the lack of an hour of sleep....LOL


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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who Knew??

Who knew?
......that waking up every morning at 5 a.m. could cause such moaning and groaning out of my lips......

Who knew?
.......that packing a lunch daily would involve so much fore-thought.....

Who knew?
......that packing your lunch and setting out your clothes the night before would be HIGHLY beneficial the next morning.......

Who knew?
.......that going back to work 40 hours a week would cause my very self-assured children to be so clingy...........which I love btw ;)

Who knew?
.........that sitting at a round table with one other trainee and listening to the trainer read verbatium from the training manual would cause you to have to remember how thankful you are for the job that you desperately needed in the first place.......

Who knew?
..........that social work could be this stressful........

Who knew???

I didn't.......whew, I'm's off to get some shut eye :) night night


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