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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween suggestions and general realizations.......

Our household doesn't celebrate Halloween. It's something we choose not to participate in. We don't care if other people do, we just don't.

Well try NOT celebrating Halloween and sending your child to public school. Extremely difficult.

Anyway, I'm looking for some creative fun recipes for "fall" that I can make with my daughter that don't involve witches, ghosts or skeletons.....any suggestions?

In other news:
I was informed this morning that my daughter's favorite parent is her daddy. Sure I admit for a moment I was a bit heartbroken, BUT, growing up without my dad involved in my life makes me appreciate the relationship that my husband and daughter have. Yes I had to swallow my pride and be "ok" with this fact. But on the other side of the fence, I must admit that it makes me thankful that she has a daddy who loves and adores her so much!! So I guess he can win her "favorite" parent of the year award.....for now ;)

Sidenote: my hubs was freaked out when I told him I was polling the general blogging community on various sex questions, so I assured him that I would stop.....poor guy, almost had a heart attack when he heard ....


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Randomness at its finest :)

Basically I wanted to jot down some thoughts since I'm sick of looking at the lice post....LOL

We've successfully eliminated those dreadful creatures.....ugh!!!! I HATE bugs, even now more than ever ;)


So what's the deal with parent pickup people at school? I went to pick my daughter up from school yesterday and typically how it works is you wait to see your child's teacher's name on the wall (this indicates they are coming out next) and then you pull into the circle (hell would be a better description) and you wait to pick up your kid. IF by chance you miss your child the first time they rotate you back through the circle. No problem, right? WRONG. I had to rotate through the circle on Friday 3 TIMES, which, I'm fine with, except that you would think it would be easier to commit double homicide before ATTEMPTING to re-enter the circle. OMG, seriously, I sat for about 15 minutes just to be let into the circle......ugh, what's up with that? it's not like the line is moving anywhere near 1 mph, it moves at a snail's pace, so hello people, be courteous and let other parents into the circle.....So that's my rant about that issue.....moving on...............

What is good ettique in this situation?
My unit (at work) just hired their final "new" person. (I actually have some seniority after working there 2 weeks) and I can't quite figure her out. She refuses to eat with any of us. (we don't cliche together we just try to include everyone) and she refuses to tell us her age, which I think is weird, but whatever. I can't figure out if she just a. thinks she is better than everyone or b. is just really shy. So what is the etiquette here: would you eat with your new co-workers if you were new to the position?

Personally, I've always tried to overcome my "shyness" and get to know people through small talk, so I don't understand people who refuse to......just need some input......thanks ;)
So I was talking to one of my best friends who is divorced and she's thinking of re-entering the dating scene (God bless her) and it made me realize (after hanging up the phone) that after 7 years of marriage I think that Hubs and I have FINALLY hit our stride and I'm thankful that at 32 I don't have to re-enter the dating scene!!
moving on........
It seems that half of you were OK with sharing your views on sex when I posted my blog about Christians and sex.....thank you, it was enlightening. I agree with one reader, that some things aren't for public forums, I totally agree. Since I have NO TACT, forgive me if this is one of them and I am just clueless. Feel free to leave a :0 face in horror at my asking ;)

Sex question #2: toys? yes or no

alrighty then......moving on.....

I've decided, as of the first of November (when I'm cleared from surgery to start exercising again) to once again get up BEFORE work and work out......this will be quite a challenge since I haven't worked out since Florida.......just thought you should know ;)

OH MY, I had to scrape my windshield TWICE last week before work. I can honestly say, while I love Missouri, I HATE HATE HATE cold weather and am looking forward to moving to a warmer climate once Hubs has finished school.....amen and hallelujah...teehee

Have a great weekend!!


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Monday, October 22, 2007


Well the weekend started out on a less than a refreshing note.

I came home from work, threw my PJs on and readied myself to watch a movie. I had been waiting patiently all week to snuggle into a quilt with my PJs on, sitting next to my honey while we watched a movie. Since starting this full-time job it seems like life is flying by. So I was anxiously waiting for the kids to go to bed so that we could watch a movie, any movie.....

Dinner is over and while Jeff cleans up and gets the kids ready for bed (YES, my guy is just that amazing!!) I head upstairs to tinker around on the computer until our glorious movie, popcorn, quilt and snuggles.


"Oh NO!!!!!!!!!" usually this late at night it's our neighbors. (A single mom of three boys, ages 6, 4,3) Since I was upstairs all I could hear was hubs saying, "sure, no problem" and the next thing I know, my house is buzzing with loud explosive screaming, running, crashing.....

I come downstairs to a stressed out husband who's informed me that our neighbor had furniture arrive unexpectedly and we were recruited to watch the boys for an hour. (ok, don't panic I think to myself, it's only an hour, we can do this, right? *insert screaming, jumping on furniture here)

I throw on a movie (not the movie I wanted, but one that would hopefully entertain them until their mom came to fetch them)

no such luck.

Within, 2 seconds the screaming, jumping over furniture continued. My kids didn't know what to do with themselves.

I noticed for a second the middle boy kept scratching his head, but I didn't think anything of it and continued to wrangle the kids from killing each other. I was alone by this point because Hubs was recruited to help move the furniture in.
Me and 5 children under the age of 7......NOT my idea of a relaxing, movie-filled Friday night, but I took it in stride.....

They left two hours later.........Hubs was oh-so-very-over the idea of a movie, so he went upstairs to play his guitar. I was left with a living room to put back together, sweat, and a movie (Georgia

Fast forward to Saturday night. I am putting my daughter to bed. We start our bedtime routine and she starts complaining that her head itches. My heart literally hit my stomach, "OH GOD NO!!!!" please let it be dirt from the park from a couple of hours earlier that she was playing at.
I turn on the light and sure enough, she has head lice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to faint dead away. I can handle puke, dirrehea, fevers in the middle of the night, but put me and any form of a bug in the same room and I want to curl up in a ball and find the nearest corner.....NOT A BUG FAN!!!!!!! These weren't any bug, they were invading my precious baby girl's HEAD. How could this be?
We bath her EVERY FRIGGIN NIGHT, including washing her hair......HOW??
Then I remember the scratchy neighbor kid and I get angry....really really angry, not at him persay, but at the fact that obvisiously this is where she got it. But then I'm informed (later by my daughter) that during their rest time at school, they share pillows!!!!!!!!
SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!
community pillows, you've got to be kidding me.....(you can only imagine my anti-public school husband reaction to this phenomenon)

So it's a mystery as to where she got this nasty,icky bug, but she did.

SIDENOTE: I can't even begin to describe some of the filthiest homes I had to go into in Florida for Child Protective Investigations. My supervisor always told me to wear gel in my hair and spray it with aquanet because in her 15 yrs. of experience this was the best defense against head lice (who knew, it works!)

I didn't dream that I would have to use this combination on my daughter before sending her out the door for Kindergarten each morning, but you better believe after the 25 loads of laundry, removing every piece of furniture from our home and quaritining everything else to sealed bags, not to mention several shampo/lice treatments followed by hours combing, vinegar treatments. One does NOT want this nasty thing to return.

here's looking forward to next weekend and no more lice!!!


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Balancing Act


So it's seems I find myself in the middle of a tremendous balancing act.

I started this full-time job and man is it kicking my hiney. I mean, come on, I've been a stay-at-home mommy for 5+ years, not to mention my degree is in Social Work. So throw me into a full-time position that is heavily accounting based and, well......I'm in the middle of a balancing act......literally :)

I really love the people I work with and aside from the weather in Missouri, this city is wonderful!!

So forgive my lack of inspiration. I am pooped, but I wanted to write a small snippet and let those who read here know that I'm still breathing and well.....just balancing ;)


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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My new celebrity crush....hubba hubba

So I've LOVED the show Brothers & Sisters since season one. I started watching the show because I'm a HUGE Ron Rifkin, Sally Field, Calista Flockhart fan. Little did I know I would fall head over heels in love with the character of Justin Walker (which has only happened as a result of Sunday's episode) Justin is played by my newest and only celebrity crush Dave Annable.......

Isn't he lovely?
Just thought I would share ;)


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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Random thoughts and sex ed.- Viewer Discretion Advised-

I have a job. I'm newly employed.

It's starts tomorrow.

I'll be working for the University Health System.....hooray.....pathetic pay, but great benefits!!

Oh yes, and super great hours....early, but out to pick up my daughter from school......another hooray.

So I've entitled this post, "Random Thougths" because today has just say the least........random.

Not bad, not good, just super random.

It started with church. We are still in the process of trying to find a place to belong. UGH, can I just say I absolutely HATE this process for a lot of different reasons, but mostly because you have to sit through a TON of really really boring churches before finding that place you can call "Home".
Anyway, we went to a new "start up" church. From it's name, description and style we were thinking it might have staying potential........WRONG!!!!.........

BORING.....I feel bad saying it, but there wasn't anything we liked about it and that's not saying much because we are inclined to find something we like in a church and atleast consider attending a couple more times.

This one, we won't be going back. Perhaps the ONLY reason we would consider attending again is because the pastor looked like House from teh TV show House and we all know this isn't a reason to attend a church....LOL
It wasn't like they had glaringly different beliefs than us or anything like that, it was just so incredibly boring that if hubs wasn't falling asleep, I was.....yikes.....

So really boring church started our day.....

Then we got home and decided we would take the sugar cookies the kids and I made yesterday around to our neighbors. (sidenote: something I LOVE about Missouri is how wonderfully hospitable people are it!!) But only one of the three neighbors were home, so we'll attempt tomorrow.

As we finished eating our luch, our phone rang. It was a sweet wonderful friend of mine whom I don't get to talk to very often because she's super busy, newly engaged and planning a I said, busy.......She called because our last conversation ended abruptly so we were picking up there. Today, though, the conversation turned to the topic of sex. (random) Since she's a Christian, she obvisously waiting to get married and had a lot of questions about various things from birth control to appropriatness of certain things. ANYWAY, it got me to thinking about my faith and the issue of sex.

Why is it that we Christians don't really talk about it? Seriously? I mean here is a person who is getting married and has questions. Thankfully, she felt the freedom to ask me questions. (I'm kinda known for putting it all out there......LOL) I thought it was sweet because here she is getting married, new to the concept of sex and needing advice/answers.
It seems like in the church we are "ok" with talking about sex with newly engaged couples, but what about us ole fogeys?

This question got me to thinking, Hubs and I just celebrated our 7 year anniversary and I STILL have sex questions. Who can I ask? It seems like once the honeymoon is over Christians clam up and quit talking about sex.
Feel free to answer this regardless of your faith association and discreetly PLEASE.

My sex question: After the newlywed phase wears off, how often do you and your spouse have sex in a month?
If you aren't comfortable commenting here, please feel free to email me.

So like I said, RANDOM today, oh yeah, I napped for about 4 hours so I'm still a little groggy....forgive me.....but I am curious and maybe if I get brave enough I'll ask other "sex" questions, but for now that's all I've got........ :)


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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Popularity Contest


I just got back from a Kindergarten class lunch with other parents. Can you say, popularity contest??

So this luncheon was designed for parents to come in, eat with their child, then listen to how the kids are doing with reading, problem I think.

I arrive late......grrrr....traffic (another post)

My daughter is patiently waiting for me, poor girl has a mom who desperately wants to be on-time, but can seem to manage it.....anyway, I digress.....

So we eat.....we listen to the teacher.......the meeting is over......

I'm walking out of the building with son in stroller. I get stuck behind two moms and a dad.....

Not just any moms, the "poshy, trendy" moms. With the Chanel bags and large rimmed glasses......and I overhear them (because I'm walking directly behind them)

"Did you notice so-n-so, can you believe how she asked, that question? Oh my god, I know and what about this other s0-n-so, did you see what she was wearing?"
The conversation continued.
I was appalled.
Seriously, I thought there is no such thing as a stupid question in school.....I'm just glad I didn't ask it.....whew.....relief


All I could think was, "are you frickin kidding me??

Seriously, what are you like 30, isn't it time to grow up, not care about such superficial things and move on with your day? Can you really be so shallow to not only notice, but then comment on what someone is wearing? Can you really have no other meaning in your life? I wanted to say to them, take up a cause, join a mommy group, join a gym, go to a peace rally for Darfur.....but mostly......GET A LIFE!!!!!

Then it struck me. They are jealous. Jealous that this particular mom who was being assaulted verbally by these catty women, is a friend of the TEACHER'S.
No joke.

Moral of the story......
if you are over 18 years old and never felt accepted by a teacher, continuing to strive for that acceptance by a teacher into your 30s and from your child's teacher is NOT, I repeat, NOT going to make you feel anymore special.....
In fact, it's actually just really pathetic.....

Private school is looking more and more appealing for next year.



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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Who is the lesser of two evils?

So I'm a bit frustrated with politics, especially as the smearing is getting underway.

I haven't decided who I will vote for, I've always voted conservative in the passed, but honestly I'm just not too sure this time around.

I can tell you I'm NOT a Guiliani all, I think it's bunk that the man who is quite liberal is running under the guise of republican and honestly, I'm sick of hearing how wonderful he was at running New York City. Seriously, if that's all he's got to fall back on, we'd be in trouble for voting for him.

I can tell you I'm NOT a Hillary fan any longer. I think she's got great ideas for health care (an issue that is seriously close to my heart), but outside of that, I feel she's riding on the coat tails of ole Bill, who knew the man was still so popular?? I certainly didn't!!

I can tell you that I'm NOT a George W. Bush fan at all. (glad he can't run again) I admit, I voted for him. I admit that I pray for him. But I was DEEPLY disappointed to find out today that he vetoed a bill that would expand health care coverage to poor children, and not just "poor" children, but children like mine who's parents are hardworking Americans, but can't afford the 1200 month it would cost outside of a group plan to insure my family. What is wrong with this country when we won't insure every person, we overcharge for cancer and the insurance companies continue to get richer off of those who suffer??

Sidenote: did any see Oprah the other day when she had Michael Moore on speaking about health insurance in this country??? If you didn't see it, find a copy of that tape, it's powerful!!!

So the issues that I'm looking at in this election are: health care, taxes, Iraq and moral character.......whew, is there a canidate out there who has all of this going on? That person, in my mind, would be the "lesser of two evils"


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Monday, October 1, 2007

Camping Video Snippet

So we are back. We came home a day early. My thoughts, I really like to camp, inside of cabins, hotels or RVs.....tent camping, not so much :)

I'll post more pics. later, but in the meantime, I thought you would enjoy a video snippet of my daughter telling about her favorite parts of this experience. Needless to say, the overall "favorite" part was meeting a boy who was 5 years older than she.....daddy not so happy ;)

Personally, I think that may be why hubs was fine with leaving a day early.....LOL


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